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Last week in ICC in Olive Oil Sommelier we talked about the many opportunities that students after concluding the course can opt to work and improve the career and in the olive oil business.

In this moment, all over the world, professionals are interesting to know more about extra virgin olive oil and more than that, know how to use and cook more delicious recipes! For me, was I honor share my ideas and concepts that I started practicing every day in in my kitchen!


This Ceviche is a Peruvian style,in Peru is possible eat many different fishes. The Spanish brought the red onions, garlic and lemon to local cuisine : criolla style. When 1900 the japoneses came to work at Peru, the intrude the raw fish and mixed the all the influence and start the Nipo Peruvian.

Olive oil in Peru is not comum and that why many people doesn’t known that country one of the biggest grooves into the world. Most of them for olives table but the most impressive is that they are in desert area! Is amazing how this tree can be so hard! For this recipes I use white fish but also can use salmon.It’s easy and quick steps.

This recipes doesn’t have onions and garlic and pepper because in the class week we are always trying to keep the gustatory papilas good enough to continuous the olive oil tasting. For sides, is possible potatos or any tubers.


2 kg Halibutee Fish (little squares)

04 Lemon Tahiti

02 cups Coconut milk

1/2 cup Extra Virgem Olive Oil Medium

1 mango ripe


Parsley and chive



Cook the carriots about 10 min.

Squeeze all the lemons into the fish, add coconut milk, salt, olive oil. Wait for 10 minutes and put on mango. Add slices red onion, crushed garlic and red pepper.

It s comum add some crunchy in the top I used one Brazilian’s nut.

Can be peanuts or corn.


We need add olive oil in our fruit! Makes them more fresh and healthy and smell good. Peach is perfect with one medium or robust olive oil!




06 peaches

0.250g goat cheese

0.250g parmesan cheese

0.400g puff pastry

0,250g Blueberry

0.200g Parma

Olive Oil Picual


Place the sheet of puff on a lightly floured retangular baking tray.

Prick the center and add olive oil, peach, goat cheese, Parmesan, blueberries. Transfer it immediately into the preheated oven.

Bake the puff pastry of 8 minutes until the edges have risen. Finished with picual olive oil and some green herbs!





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